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2014 Ebenezer Lutheran $50 Boat Race
Sunday July 27th

Download Application and Rules


The annual Aquafest $50 Boat Race is another popular family event. Participants and spectators alike enjoy the race on the beautiful Lake Stevens. It’s been chronicled on television and in the local newspapers.

The idea is to build and sail a boat using a minimum cost, yet still harness the wind for the fastest finish time. Often the boats are primarily constructed of recyclables and require some finesse to get them across the finish line. The race is intended to be downwind to make it easier for those with little or no sailing experience and to simplify their yachts.

Distance may be around 200 yards or more (subject to wind conditions).  Because of wind variation it may be helpful to learn about sailing. Many publications and schools offer such help. Samples of free online information can be found here:


Trophies will be provided to the first place finisher, and other novel categories such as: “Looks like a real boat” or “Should have been First” Other prizes may be awarded as we think of them. Special award consideration may be given for novel design or appearance. The kids category is for those 13 and under.


All participants (or their legal guardians) shall sign an entry form, which includes a Hold Harmless Agreement. But only one entry fee is required per boat. Race entry fees (per boat): $10 if received before July 10th, $20 day of race.  Corporate or team entries are welcome.

For rules and entries see the links above. Questions or comments can be answered here: boatrace@aquafest.org

All participants must wear Coast guard approved type II or III PFDs (Life Jackets.)

2013 Trophy Winners

Grand Champion: Shared by twin brothers Ruben and Azariah Crew
Saltiest: Diana Cross the only competitor to have never missed a race
Scariest: Sean Sanchez, Oops Great Effort Shared by Father Daughter team Matthew & Lindsay Amos.

2012 Trophy Winners

  • Amy Cross - Grand Champion (She sailed the whole race with a broken rudder.)
  • Makik Bailey – Greatest Effort
  • Peter Chopelas – Saltiest (Just look at his boat!)
  • Bryon Reunolds – Nautical Genius
  • Diana Cross – Pirate Award (She commandeered another boat this year!)
  • Special recognition “Oops Nice Try” goes to the Lake Stevens Rowing Club for all their support even with a kinked fuel line and a rope around a propeller.

2011 Trophy Winners

Grand Champion: Peter Chopelas
Looks Like a real boat: Allen Barber and Gillian Anderson
Oops great effort: Bradley Potter
Scariest: Selena and Sean Shanchez
Captain’s choice award: Selena Shanchez
Young Champion: Baily Malik
Pirate Award: Diana Cross because she commandeered her sister’s boat who is out of the country.

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2005 $50 Boat Race Competitors


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