$50 Boat Race Results

Grand Champion: Ken Cross sailing the "Bob"

Judges Choice: Ryan & Chad Woods sailing the "Winnin' & Picnicin'"


Aquafest's Got Talent Results


1st Place - Kaya Lauer

2nd -McKenzie Raynor


Vocal 12& Under:

1st Place - Hannah Blue

2nd Place - Hannah Carpentier

3rd Place - Makenna Hoag

4th Place - Kadie Winn

5th Place - Liliana Chavira


Vocal 13 - 18:

1st Place - Gaby Soto

2nd Place - Cheyenne Wilkins

3rd Place - Tessa Dodson

4th Place - Heidi Ruse

5th Place - Kellen Benetua


Best in Show:

Gaby Soto

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Aquarun Results

Results are posted here :


Best of Theme Vendor Award

I am pleased  to announce that the Girls Scouts have been awarded the “Lights! Camera! Aquafest!” Best of Theme Vendor Award for 2015!  Well done…Take a bow!


Janice Huxford

2015 Aquafest President


Basketball Tournament

5th/6th Grade girls:                Kennedy Lancers

Isabel Sullivan           Lexi Lerwick

Marishka Boris          Kamyla Nolen



7th/8th Grade girls                 Super Slam

Amayah Kirkman      Shaylin Sande

Shaelyn Bach             Julia Lucas


5th/6th Grade Boys                Shoots and Scores

Thomas Armbruster Jaden Karuletwa

Akhil Damiai              Mason Gonzalez


7th Grade Boys                       Wesco Elite

Malakhi Knight          Gavin Hawthorne

Tanner Jellison          Blake Silliman


8th Grade Boys                       Fusion

Marcus Collins           Deshawn McFerrin

Jacob Ramirez            Junior Robinson


9th/10th Grade Boys              King’s Finest

Andrew Franco          Hunter Reeves

Michael Chenoweth  Kennie Walsh


11th/12th Grade Boys            Showtime

Dante Lewis               Bryce Juneau Jr.

Jaime Hernandez      Nate Heckendorf


Men 19-29                             Dirty Dogs

Shane Kaska              Jarett Hanson

Chris Finley                AJ Maw


Men 30 and over                  Slow and Low

Ryan Fast                   Phill Powers

Tyler Levin                 Dave Staal


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Boat Parade Results

Best use of theme:  the minions

Best family fun: the 12th man mooney family

Best use of antlers on the water:  a lake stevens exclusive...the jet skiing reindeer


Car Show Results

Aquafest Car Show Sponsor/People’s Choice/Presidents/Best In Show Awards:


Village Licensing

Charlene McGinn

1956 Red Chevrolet Cameo


Roy Robinson Chevrolet

Dave Warrick

1966 Indigo Blue Pontiac GTO Convertible


360 Auto Recycling

Jay Maddox

1955 White over Turquoise Nash Ambassador Custom


Central Welding

Gene Rogers

1934 Teal Green Ford Pickup


Peoples Choice

Don Eudland

69 Black AMC AMX


Best In Show

Steve & Karla Howard

1938 Red/Wine 97 Sharknose Graham


President Choice

Steve McIvor

1949 Red & White Chev Styleline

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Chalk-It-Up Results

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Proud Pet Show

Grand Prize Proudest Pet:  Obi (the 102nd Dalmatian), owned by 7 year old Aries Ovnicek


Best Dressed:

-   Aries Ovnicek (age 7) with Obi (the 102nd Dalmatian) a Bichon Frise

-   Lainie Gibson (age 9) with Daisy the Teddy bear guinea pig

-   Kelly Ireland (age 7) with Bell the shih tzu



-   Brooklynn Rabe (age 12) with Gus the guinea pig


Best Trick:

-   Ashley Reeck (age 11) with Milo the boarder collie


Smallest Pet:

-   Kael Anderson (age 9) with Captain Nibbles the 5 month old Robo Hamster

-   Rylee Brown-Moore (age 9) with Honey the hamster

-   Savannah Anderson (age 12) with Zipp the Robo hamster


Largest Pet:

-   Kelsea Swint (age 14) with Charlie a 13 year old (large) cat.

-   Hannah Willhouse (age 10) with Tasha the Black lab/Border collie


Best Kisser:

-    Sophiya Myers (age 5) with Toby

-   Liliana Chavira (age 9) with Missy the fox terrier/chihuahua

-   Rianna Dean (age 13) with Tana the Labrador


Most Huggable:

-   Lindsey Gibson (age 14) with Ruby the teddy bear guinea pig 

-   Tiawna Gunnell (age 14) with Ginger the Toy Poodle

-   Madelyn Ask (age 10) with Caramal the teddy bear hamster


Most Unusual:

1  Mani Brooke Hartleben (age 8) with Tatanka the Sulcata Tortoise

2  Elsa Mastrude (age 15) with Oscar the Bearded Dragon

3 Reegan Pauley (age 9) with Smokey the Angora Rabbit


Quadrathon Results

 2015 Results


Recycle Results

The 2015 Aquafest “Green Team” from Elim Lutheran and locally owned SVR Construction Services united to collect and recycle 2 tons of materials from the 3 day festival held in July.  Led by Bryan Hoult, the “Green Team” walked the site in shifts, making sure that the grounds were clean and that recycle bins were readily available to festival goers.  They were also ambassadors of the festival, answering questions and directing attendees to Aquafest events throughout downtown Lake Stevens.  “We hold the only lakeside festival in the area,” states 2015 Aquafest President, Janice Huxford, “It only makes sense that we would invest in keeping our shoreline, city and park spotless!”


Stand Up Paddle Results


1. Luke Burritt

2. Eric Daughtry

3. Spencer Johnson



1.Athens Slater

2. Carly Hayden

3. Erin Gallegos



1. Andrew Eulnurme

2. Keira Matthews

3. Lucas Gallegos



1. Laura Cohn

2. Dave Schultz


Waterski Results

Open Division:

   1st place: Jeff Green (34/22 Full pass & 34/28 Full & 34/32 Full & 34/35 Full & 34/38 2) 

   2nd place:  Steve Miller (34/22 Full pass & 34/28 full & 34/32 full & 34/35 3)

   3rd place: Jill Knutson (34/28 Full pass & 34/32 full & 34/35 2)



   1st Place:  Dan Graesser (32/15 Full Pass & 34/15 Full pass & 34/22 3)

   2nd Place:  Peter Hanson (32/15 Full Pass & 34/15 2.5)

   3rd Place:  Scott Hashimoto (32/22 4)


Men's Class I:

   1st Place:  Todd Spradlin (30/15 Full pass & 32/15 full & 34/15 3)

   2nd Place:  Peter Brefeld (30/15 Full pass & 32/15 5)

   3rd Place: Bob Patera (32/22 4)

   4th Place:  Gino Romero (32/22 1.25)

   5th Place:  Paul Ulvestad (30/15 1.25)


Men's Class II

   1st Place:  Will Breen (28/15 Full pass & 30/15 1.25)

   2nd Place: Cory Burke (28/15 Full pass & 30/15 1)

   3rd Place:  Trent Hashimoto (26/15 Full Pass & 28/15 1)

   4th Place:  Michael Green (28/15 4)

   5th Place:  Karl Fulton (28/15 3)


Women's Class II

   1st Place:  Carrie Gendron (26/15 Full pass & 30/15 2)

   2nd Place:  Gigi Burke (26/15 Full pass & 28/15 2 & 30/15 2)

   3rd Place:  Cheyenne Taylor (24/15 Full pass & 26/15 full pass & 28/15 2)


Class III:

   1st Place:  Sean Davidson (28/15 0 - "E" for effort)


Men's Novice:

   1st Place:  Scott Krenz (125 points)

   2nd Place:  Paul Olliges (120 points)

   3rd Place:  Bill Haley (115 points)

   4th Place: Bruce Odegaard (65 points)